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Canines for Disabled Kids

Canines for Disabled Kids

Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK) began in 1998 as an offshoot of the NEADS Dog for Deaf and Disabled American’s training program. Very few assistance dog programs are willing to provide trained assistance dogs for children under age 12. CDK saw a need and worked to filled it. It was possible to train dogs to help autistic children, children with hearing impairments, and other disabled children in the classrooms.

In an effort to enhance the education and independence of children with disabilities across the USA, we started to sponsor dogs that would work with the child but with the aid of a parent. Soon, many applications were coming to the program. Since 1998, CDK has sponsored over 130 assistance dogs, dogs that can help children with different disabilities, and some with their parents as facilitators.

CDK used scholarship paid directly to NEADS, to encourage the placement of assistance dogs with children. By providing needed funding to the training organization, CDK was able t... more.

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Domenica More Gordon "Cut Outs"

Domenica More Gordon "Cut Outs"

$4.00 goes to Canines for Disabled Kids


Comes with own envelope and packs flat for easy mailing. Laser cut from MDF and printed paper. Approx 5" , 125mm high.


For more information see: Domenica More Gordon's wonderful doggie adventures published in Interviews, Art By Apostolos Mitsios

Scottish designer Domenica More Gordon is living proof that you really don’t need to try all that hard when you are inspired. Domenica created her first miniature felt dogs as a mere hobby but, to her surprise, they slowly gained respect from thousands of devotees, finally ending up in some of the best galleries all over the world. It seems that no one can really resist her cute creations. The secret lies in a special technique, called dry felting, which is based on stabbing unspun wool with a felting needle until you shape the wool into the intended form. Of course, it takes a lot of love and patience to get the desired results.

Designing objects by hand has become very popular recently in the design world, with creators rediscovering the importance of the relationship between the designer and the material.

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