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Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund

Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund

The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the highly endangered Mountain Gorillas in Africa, their habitat, and working with the people around the National Parks.

Dr. Dian Fossey asked Ruth Keesling for help in 1983. Since Dian’s murder in 1985, Ruth and the MGCF have kept that promise. She started with 248 known mountain gorillas to be alive and today there are estimated to be 790 in the wild. These animals are not seen at zoos, but only in the wild. Since we are their closest relatives, we need to help them. The locals set snares in the National Park to capture deer or duiker (their food source), but the gorillas also get caught in the snares. If the gorillas are not tended to, they will die from the snare wounds, poaching and diseases. In response to the need to protect the gorillas, Ruth Keesling started a project called, “Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project”, and Veterinarians were installed on location. Ru... more.

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Baby Mountain Gorilla Charm Necklace

Baby Mountain Gorilla Charm Necklace

70% will be donated to Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund


Sterling Silver baby mountain gorilla with an assortment of fresh water pearls, black onyx beads and sterling silver beads. The small pendant and jewels fall on an 18” Sterling, diamond cut bead chain necklace with a lobster clasp.

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