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Snow Leopard Trust

Snow Leopard Trust

Founded in 1981, the Snow Leopard Trust is the world's leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered snow leopard. At the Snow Leopard Trust we use a combination of approaches that focus on partnering with communities in snow leopard habitat. But as we build community partnerships we use science and research to determine key snow leopard habitat, assess wildlife-human conflict levels, and identify potential resources for conservation programs. Once we have this information we can prioritize the areas where we will work. High priority areas include key snow leopard habitat, with a history of conflict between predators and the communities, and potential resources to sustain a community-based conservation program.

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Handspun Natural- dye Camel Wool Yarn Mongolia Snow Leopard

Handspun Natural- dye Camel Wool Yarn Mongolia Snow Leopard

100% of the proceeds go directly back to the communities who are part of our conservation program.

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Our handspun 100% camel wool yarn from Mongolia is amazingly soft and has a smooth texture that is sure to yield a beautiful handcrafted item. Our camel wool is both a durable and lightweight fiber that conserves heat during the winter but is able to breathe for your comfort on sunnier days. It is 100% pure and hand dyed, therefore colors may vary slightly between dark and light shades. Even though there are slight variations from skein to skein because it is handmade, we suggest you use a size 6 US needle, or hook F. Each skein is about 150-200 yards/5-6 ounces. By making this purchase, you not only help endangered snow leopards, but you help support impoverished communities in Mongolia. You also get the opportunity to bring the warmth of the Gobi dessert into your home. Every dollar from your purchase goes back to the Mongolian communities producing the yarn, providing money for food, medicine, education and better quality of living. This program is one of the many important steps of collaboration in making the future brighter for the snow leopards and the communities that share their mountain home.

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Snow Leopard Enterprises helps people living in poverty increase their standard of living, and at the same time protect their local ecosystems.Hundreds of women across Central Asia are given the train...(more)

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