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American Forests

American Forests

AMERICAN FORESTS has been an influential voice for conservation and the environment since its founding in 1875. Today the nation's oldest nonprofit conservation organization works with individuals, communities, and policy makers to protect and restore forest ecosystems. We are online at and publish the quarterly magazine American Forests and the monthly e-newsletter Forestbytes.

AMERICAN FORESTS' tree-planting program, Global ReLeaf, works with local organizations and agencies to plant native trees to heal the planet. These trees provide cleaner air and water, habitat for endangered species, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to reduce the effects of climate change. Every $1 donated to our Global ReLeaf program plants a tree. Since 1990, we have planted more than 33 million trees and have set a new goal to plant 100 million trees by 2020.

AMERICAN FORESTS' Forest Policy Center advocates for legislative and administrative solutions to climate change,... more.

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Dances With Wolves

Dances With Wolves

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Set in 1863, the novel follows Lieutenant John Dunbar on a magical and unpredictable journey from the ravages of the Civil War to the far reaches of the imperiled American frontier, a frontier he naively wants to see "before it's gone".

His posting to a desolate and deserted outpost is the springboard for contact with the lords of the southern plains ... the Comanches.

Though he does not speak their language, has no knowledge of their customs and is considered a trespasser, Lieutenant Dunbar finds himself intrigued by the exotic and alien culture of the buffalo-hunting people of the plains.

A simple desire to know more about his wild neighbors ignites a great adventure of transformation that culminates with the emergence of a different kind of man ... a man called Dances With Wolves.

An unforgettable American story, Dances With Wolves was an international bestseller that has become a modern classic. The 1990 film adaption won seven Academy Awards, including best screenplay.


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Hrymfaxe LLC, is a Tucson based Publishing Company founded in 2001Dances With Wolves; its sequel, The Holy Road; Marching To Valhalla; and Airman Mortensen are all rereleases, whereas Like A Running D...(more)

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