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Quinteesentials is a line of tee shirts created as an optimistic outlet for those who wear them.  The Pink Lemonade Societee line was created in 2009 after I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. What I have learned from my own experience, is that if I can make just one day in someone's life, brighter, all this may be worth it. I created these shirts for those who will wear them to make a difference in our fight against cancer.

Quinteesentials will donate a portion of the sale of every tee shirt, tanktop, hat and or whatever else we may come up with to families that are touched by cancer and unable to afford the treatments needed to save their lives.

Nobody should have to make a choice between the necessities of life and the necessities of giving this disease a run for its money. For those fighting this terrible disease, wouldn't it be wonderful if we can give them a little peace of mind that help is here for them?

Boutiquee Long Sleeve Tee

Boutiquee Long Sleeve Tee

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