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"Silhouette: Bold Lines & Voices From WriteGirl" features original poetry, essays, stories, scenes, and lyrics from more than 75 teen girls and women writing on love, loss, family, identity and more. Dramatic in range and brimming with fresh themes and voices every page is full of creativity. Readers will also find an entire chapter filled with provocative exercises and writing tips from WriteGirl's monthly workshops.This is the latest anthology from WriteGirl, a creative writing and mentoring organization based in Los Angeles. Full of fresh perspectives, courageous writing and keen insight from a diverse group of women and girls, the book has wide appeal to girls, women and even men who can have a glimpse into the hearts and minds of teenage girls and their mentors.

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Silhouette: Bold Lines and Voices from WriteGirl

Silhouette: Bold Lines and Voices from WriteGirl

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