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Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Awareness “Ribbon” Wreath

Ovarian Cancer Awareness “Ribbon” Wreath

$95.00Ovarian Cancer Awareness “Ribbon” Wreath

Honor in Office

Honor in Office

HONOR IN OFFICEHonor In Office, located in Tujunga, California (LA County) and founded by Jerrol LeBaron, is a political committee with no other agenda than improving the quality of leadership in office. It is a non-partisan committee with the sole purpose of getting integrity, honor, honesty and common sense back into government.POLITICAL VIEWSEveryone has their own political view on what the government should and shouldn't do, hence the various political parties. No matter the Party or other affiliations, if the person in office is not honest, hardworking and result oriented for the People's best interest, it doesn't matter who is in office or what their affiliations are. This person can't be trusted. The laws this person supports and passes will be those that serve his or her personal and vested interests, not the People's. Our view is a simple one: Regardless of Party affiliation, our representatives should be honorable, competent, use common sense in passing laws and not be afraid to stand up for our rights. Our representatives should put the People first. This is a very tall order, and some think impossible.OUR FOCUSOne step at a time. First and foremost is getting our first measure "Honor in legislative Reform Act" on the statewide ballot. This bill deals with dishonest politicians who vote in favor of laws they haven't even read. It deals with politicians who have no problem with trading votes - taking a proposed bill the legislator disagrees with and voting in favor of it because some other legislator will reciprocate on some other proposed bill. These actions are betrayals of the American people, result in violations of our Civil Rights, irritate Americans and cause fiscal mismanagement.

Vegan for Life handbag

Vegan for Life handbag

$44.95Show your lifestyle choice with this Vegan handbag ©™ 2017 All Rights Reserved