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UNITE The World With Africa

UNITE The World With Africa, LLC, is an independent, social organization founded in January 2010 by Anne Wells to provide impactful connections, resources and expertise to advance and grow women's health, education and microfinance programs in select communities throughout Tanzania, East Africa. To this end, UNITE partners with a number of established NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and local leaders who are doing their work in excellence, having a positive and measurable impact on their communities, and are also in great need of support and assistance from the West.

UNITE's Volunteer Executive Team:

Anne Wells, Founder & Executive Director
Kim Merriman, Managing Director
Teresa Knight, M.D., Medical Director
Meg Domino, Ph.D., Community Health Director
Quinn Brady, Field Coordinator
Haley Keane, Intern

Our Vision:
A world in which each person affirms the unity and interconnectedness
of humankind and acknowledges and embraces his or her role in the fight to end extreme poverty.



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