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Suzanne Mubarak Children’s Museum, The

The children of Egypt have never had a world-class institution dedicated to the joy of learning. The SMCM will offer them a stateof-the art, interactive educational experience, through which they can have fun discovering their heritage and the world around them. The museum is being designed by an international team of experts, including British architect Michael Mallinson. From the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Jeff Patchen, President and CEO, and Jennifer Robinson, Vice President of Experience Development and Family Learning, are serving as advisors on the exhibit design.

Scheduled to open late in 2010, the SMCM is a non-governmental project, which is supported through private sector fundraising. We have had great success so far in obtaining financial support for the museum, but we still have far to go. This is why I authorized the creation of a replica of my famous hat. I hope that it will bring enjoyment to the many people around the world who follow my work. Most importantly, though, I hope that sales of the hat will make a significant contribution to funding the Suzanne Mubarak Children's Museum, bringing learning and joy to Egypt's young people for generations to come.

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