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Nomi Network

Genesis: It started as a dream: Men with whips circling and beating the backs of young children as they were forced to plow the land. After awaking from this nightmare, Diana Mao realized that this horrific dream was a reality, and that hundreds of people were still being sold into slavery all around the world. The images haunted her and compelled her to want to take action.

Diana attended a prayer meeting and met Alissa Moore, who had recently returned from a social justice conference where she learned about the horrors of human trafficking for the first time. Together, they prayed and asked God to free those in bondage, and to show them how they could be used to help individuals at-risk or already enslaved.

Diana and Alissa started Nomi Network (Nomi), and then partnered with Supei Liu, an experienced Product Developer who had the same vision to use fashion and design to eradicate the victims of poverty and human trafficking. Nomi has since blossomed into a large network of volunteers, partner organizations and activists who are involved with design, development, and distribution for the organization.

Diversity: Nomi is a network of many people from different backgrounds. Our core values, passion and beliefs are founded and rooted in our desire to proclaim liberty to the captives and to provide a release from darkness for the prisoners.[i] We realize that it is not by might, nor by power, but by God's Spirit that Nomi has built this network.[ii]

However, the Christian ideals that are the pillars of Nomi's Executive Team do not reflect the views of the entire volunteer team or our partner-organizations. The entire network works together to fight for human dignity and for the fundamental belief that all people deserve the right to liberty and justice.

Nomi seeks to aid victims regardless of national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious or social views. Nomi does not discriminate in hiring volunteers or staff based on national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious or social views, and is excited to work with any individual who has a passion to eradicate slavery.

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