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New England Village

  • 664 School Street
  • Pembroke, MA

New England Village (NEV) was established in 1972 by parents who wanted to create an appropriate and enriching residential community for their sons and daughters. They succeeded in founding an enlightened new model of community living for adults with developmental disabilities, which has served as an example for other national and international organizations to emulate.

NEV serves adults of any age with intellectual and other developmental disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities such as blindness, deafness and speech impairment. Seventy-nine people live on the Village campus and over seventy-five people from the community participate in a variety of day and employment support programs. True Meaning Jewelry is one of three entrepreneurial businesses that the Village operates. The philosophy behind the business differs from that of a for profit company in that our objective is not to maximize profit, but rather to create work. The goal of New England Village's jewelry program is to provide consistent and viable work opportunities for the individuals we support on a daily basis and to allow for the development of skills that will foster future success in a variety of employment settings.


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