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Littlethings is an entirely grassroots-funded non-profit started by Sarah Thontwa in 2007, founded on the notion that every person has a little thing to give , and that if we each do our part, we can make positive change in the world. Sarah's particular vision is for her home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. She started her work in helping other young women in the DR Congo through making simple necklaces and earrings in her dorm room while she was still an undergraduate student in Chicago, IL. Sarah's jewelry project slowly grew to include other like-minded young women, and we started holding jewelry parties and inviting more people to share their little things through jewelry making.

That first year we had one Littlethings' sponsorship in place, a Congolese girl whose name is also Sarah. Now in 2009, we are sending ten girls to school, some through direct sponsorships and others through funds raised from jewelry sales. We are a staff entirely made of volunteers, each of us giving our little thing.  We trust that our efforts in raising funds and awareness across the United States will offer a few young women in the DR Congo the opportunity to reach their dreams, and in turn give back to the world.

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