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Sustainable/Recycled Hats

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Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue is an international movement of scientists, physicians and parent-volunteers researching the causes and treatments for autism and helping more than 20,000children begin biomedical treatment.Rescue Angels Network - Comprised of more than 1200 volunteers, Rescue Angels teach families how to improve their child's condition or recover from autism through proper treatment. Rescue Angels support hundreds of calls and emails each day from families around the world.Treatment Programs - Generation Rescue provides funding grants to families who cannot afford proper treatment for their child with autism.Research Programs - With some of the top scientists in the world, Generation Rescue's research mission is dedicated to finding more of the causative factors and treatment approaches for children with autism.Rescue Awareness Campaign - Generation Rescue lets parents know the truth about the causes of autism, how to prevent autism and get proper treatment.Rescue Content - provides web content to help families learn more about early intervention, treatment approaches, and prevention techniques. The content includes the latest medical literature and news.Medical Conditions and Rights - Generation Rescue recognizes that many children with autism are affected by environmental toxins and infections that affect their whole body not just the brain. Generation Rescue advocates for the right for children with autism to receive proper treatment. Through proper medical treatment many children improve or recover from autism.Recovery - Generation Rescue has helped to recover thousands of children from autism and continues to prove that Autism is Reversible.

30 year Anniversary  Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag -Snow Leopard

30 year Anniversary Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag -Snow Leopard

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