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About Filanthropists

When many of her friends and family's children were being diagnosed with Autism, she made a commitment to herself to raise awareness of this condition. A former marketer, Filomena's first thought was to develop and sell a product from which a percentage of the proceeds would be donated to Autism related organizations. It was while researching this concept that she realized that she was not alone in her quest to develop a product with a "for a cause" purpose. She found that there are thousands of charities selling cause-related products as a means of fundraising that are struggling to be noticed. It was this realization that led her to create



I realized I was not alone in my quest to develop a product that had a “for a cause” effect. In fact, there were thousands of cause-related products in the market place with thousands of great causes all struggling to be noticed. It was that realization that led me to create


- Filomena Laforgia

For the charitable consumer, serves as a one-stop online shopping mall for the purchase of cause-related products. The site features a variety of products from merchants and local and national organizations that are committed to the sale of these products to support fundraising efforts for their specific cause. The site is fully searchable and visitors can search for cause-related product by category, charity name or cause type. also seeks to celebrate these individuals who have chosen to make a difference. Consumers can upload their photo and include a brief statement about why they chose to support their particular cause.

For charities / non-profits and product vendors, provides a way to engage in fundraising through e-commerce and as a way of finding like-minded partners with whom to explore and build business opportunities. Fundraising is accomplished through the shopping mall where cause-related products are showcased and sold. The "Unite" feature, a search enhanced social networking function, enables charitable organizations and product manufacturers to find each other.

The organization's name, is more than just a play on Filomena's name and the word philanthropist, it's a symbol of how the socially conscious individual can make a difference through the simplest of acts and how through buying a cause related product we can all be Filanthropists. Contact:


" we all have things to buy and causes to support."


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Healthy Living and Clean Environment

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World peace

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Breast Cancer Awarness

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Progress Together for Autism

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